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.:: Save Fuel Best Practices ::.

Below Are Some Useful Tips That May Help You To Save Fuel :

  • Remove unnecessary weight. Take all of that junk out of your car that you don't use. Added weight is a killer when it comes to gas mileage. Get rid of any excess weight you can
  • Adjust how you drive. Try to avoid quick accelerations and braking; by keeping at a steady speed, the car will run more efficiently.
  • Avoid driving with your windows down at more than 45 mph; the friction from the wind causes force in the opposite direction than the car is moving and makes the car use more fuel to stay at speed.
  • Keep up with scheduled maintenance; when the engine is in optimal working condition, it is more efficient and will save fuel.
  • Make sure your air filter is clean. It may be beneficial to buy a reusable K&N air filter; these air filters can help your car run more efficiently, which translates into fuel savings.
  • Fuel your vehicle in the early morning. When the ground is cool, the gasoline becomes more dense; thus you will receive more fuel per gallon.
  • Watch the RPM (revolutions per minutes) level while you are driving. It is usually located next to the speedometer. The lower the RPM level, the less gas you are using. Consult your vehicle's owner manual in regards to the RPMs. Different vehicles have different RPMs that the company suggests for increased fuel savings.

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